Abstract Submission and Criteria for Evaluation

All local and international academics who work on this topic are welcome to join the conference. However, those who wish to submit a presentation proposal are encouraged to follow the criteria below:
  • Abstracts must clearly state purpose, methodology, references and possible findings.
  • The abstract has to fit on one page.
  • All abstracts must be submitted by 24 February 2017 to the e-mail address: inotes@gop.edu.tr
  • In the e-mails, there must be English version of the abstracts in Word format.
  • Each participant can submit at most two abstract as presenter. The presenter need not be the first author.
All submissions will be evaluated by the Science Board members according to the topic range of the symposium, congruity with academic requirements, and the originality of the work. The applicants will be informed about the results of the abstract evaluations as ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’. The language of the symposium is English. Poster dimensions: 80x100 at maximum.

Attachment: INOTES Abstract Template

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